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Dynasty’s Premium Double Face and Single Face sheepskins are renowned to be of the highest quality for making Ugg Boots, Slippers, Moccasin and other forms of Sheepskin Footwear.

Our range is extensive as we stock multiple selections and colours to suit any product design. Additionally, Dynasty offers key footwear components such as Cow split for heel counters and moccasin productions, along with canvas binding tape in a 22mm width.

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The clean and firm pelt of our double face shearling is the best material for boots, providing an effective cutting yield. The pelt is a little softer for slippers than for boots, the wool is well ironed with a silky hand feel. Slippers from this material can be worn both indoors and out.


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sheepskin upholstery

Only the finest, and most dense of Australian Cross Bred Merino Sheepskins are desired for the trimming and upholstering of Car Seats, Aviation Chairs, Motorcycle Seats and other specialised forms of seating that provide the ultimate in comfort, warmth and a touch of luxury.

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Premium Lambswool Paint Rollers

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Lambswool Paint Rollers and Applicators: Lambswool Paint Rollers are renowned by Professional Painters to be the most effective, efficient and highest quality paint transfer systems in the market today. Natural lambswool does not lint and has better paint retention allowing more paint to be distributed in less time.

Dynasty is Australia’s leading producer of the highest quality paint rollers and decking applicators. We welcome any wholesale enquiries. 

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